Technical translations

Risk-free instructions and manuals

Do you need to translate your operating instructions, manuals, product specifications or other technical documents? The high quality of our technical translations is the product of years of experience, the high educational level of our specialist native-speaker translators, continually trained proofreaders and project managers, as well as the utilization of state-of-the-art tools and certified procedures. Depending on the text type, purpose of the translation and the risk category, however, effective multilingual communication calls for more than translation to ISO 17100 standards. Active terminology work by your language services provider and a review stage will ensure your manuals are dependable and enhance clarity.

Standard corporate terminology is not only important for clear, frictionless communication between individual departments and branch offices: it is central to the effective presentation of your products and services to potential and existing customers. To deliver high quality terminology work, we also draw on the knowledge of your internal employees and offer terminology and text approval by your technical specialists via web interface.

  • Various translation packages according to your requirement criteria
  • Terminology management through close dialog: terminology extraction and approval of designations and definitions optional on every translation project
  • In-country review: optional web-based validation by your specialists
  • Content management systems: direct translation from any established content management system, with no loss of data
  • Document format: all usual file formats
  • Translation memory tool: attractive discounts on matches

Our Packages for technical translations

ISO 17100-translation

Translation according to ISO 17100

PROFESSIONAL translation

Translation according to ISO 17100, plus active terminology work

TEAM translation

Translation according to ISO 17100, plus active terminology work and in-house review

CONSECUTIVE interpreting

In consecutive interpreting, the speaker and the interpreter speak alternately. No technical equipment is required.

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