Software localization for telephone specialist emporia

Software localization for telephone specialist emporia

19. April 2017 Software, Terminology

It is already more than two years since Linz-based telephone specialist emporia launched its first smartphone for senior citizens. Our role in the strategic collaboration with emporia involves translating and optimizing the user interface and manuals for the mobiles.

In the first step, emporia defined German as the base language. In close cooperation, GORNIK coordinated terminology and wording guidelines for the original German texts, focusing on usability for senior citizens. We then compiled a comprehensive style guide for the various elements of the graphical user interface as well as the manuals.

Only then did the focus shift to target markets. GORNIK compiled the terminology for each language, which was approved by emporia country managers in a time and cost-efficient manner using our online review tool. Once the terms had been approved, the texts were translated into as many as 20 target languages.

At the latest annual meeting, we received a detailed progress report:

  • Positive feedback on the user interface from user groups
  • Enhanced position on markets abroad
  • Ongoing translation expenses reduced to virtually zero.
  • Costs of pre-print stage cut by more than half
  • Time-to-market lowered by as much as two thirds

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