Legal translations

Accurate translation of international contracts and documents

The translation of annual reports, financial statements, company register extracts, contracts, expert opinions and references must strike exactly the right linguistic note while conveying content with total accuracy. Specialist translators with excellent language skills, requisite legal knowledge and extensive experience as well as a command of legal terminology and certified processes consistently deliver results that will meet your expectations. Your documents are handled in confidence, and translations are reviewed by two specialist translators in line with the dual verification principle.

In the case of official documents, certified translations are often required; some export documents also require additional authentication. Our specialists are also happy to assist in these cases.

  • Fast processing, flexible approach
  • Optional certification by court certified translators
  • Specialist translators and carefully devised processes guarantee high quality

Our packages for law and business

PROFESSIONAL translation

Translation according to ISO 17100, plus active terminology work

TEAM translation

Translation according to ISO 17100, plus active terminology work and in-house review

CERTIFIED translation

Translation and certification by a court interpreter

CONSECUTIVE interpreting

In consecutive interpreting, the speaker and the interpreter speak alternately. No technical equipment is required.

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