GORNIK presentation at next national tekom meeting in Vienna

GORNIK presentation at next national tekom meeting in Vienna

19. April 2017 Events, Software

It is difficult enough to reconcile the logic of the German or English language with the programming logic of a machine control system, software system or app; however, when it comes to translating a user interface into a Slavic language, then programming often reaches its limits.

Where numbers are concerned, one and the same German word will need to be translated in different ways – a challenge if programming does not account for this in advance! To give an example:

the Russian translation of the word ‘hours’ differs according to the number that comes in front of it. The diagram shows the three variants and how they are used.

Time really is money in this case, as reworking can involve high costs and delays.

To explain how to avoid these and other difficulties, and why good communication between client and language service provider prevents unwelcome surprises, our staff member Martina Fischer will address the national tekom meeting in Vienna on 12 May. We look forward to seeing you there!

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